Big Print Plan

Don’t pay up front. Pay as you go.

Getting your hands on a professional printing device such as a large format printer, has never been more simple…

  • NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for the machine
  • NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for ink tanks (which can set you back as much as £234+VAT each)
  • PAY MONTHLY for the ink you have used (If you don’t use any ink… you don’t pay!)
  • FULLY COMPREHENSIVE machine cover (parts, labour, printheads… you name it, it’s covered!)

For far too long businesses have struggled to outlay funds in order to invest in bigger and better equipment to help them expand or safegaurd themselves for the future.

The Big Print Plan changes everything. Now you don’t have to be cash rich to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology. Give your cashflow a rest, and get that Canon printer you’ve always had your eye on.

How it works.

It’s not magic, but it’s very clever!

  • Machine Rental – With a range of machines spanning Canon’s entire Large Format Printer portfolio, you will be spoilt for choice. Simply select the machine you desire, and you pay monthly with no up front investment.
  • Supplies – When your machine is running low on an ink cartridge, or its maintenance cartridge is nearly full, it will automatically email our support department asking for the required items. We then courier them to you via next day delivery, FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Billing – No more paying for ink up front! At the end of each month we remotely take a reading from your machine and send you a bill for the ink you have used. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Give your cash flow a rest, and treat yourself at the same time…

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