Origin Satin Heat Seal Laminate 41” x 100m (1040mm)

41” x 100m (1040mm) Pre-Pierced Laminate

A 50μ (micron) clear semi-gloss PVC film that is coated one side with a heat activated permanent adhesive. This adhesive is laminated with a 72gsm PE coated siliconised release liner.

This product’s applications include the laminating of photographic, ink-jet and paper based when a gloss finish is required to enhance the impact of the image.

This laminate is supplied pierced for use in a vacuum press, you should set your vacuum press 90 C and the timings will depend on the substrates being used. Your roll laminator, roller temperatures should be set to 120 C and again the speed of the machine will be dependent on the material being laminated. We recommend you test the lamination process prior to laminating the actual print or prints.




  • 50μ (micron) semi-gloss clear PVC film
  • Adhesive: Permanent heat activated acrylic, optically clear with excellent UV light resistance
  • Liner: 72gsm PE coated siliconised release liner


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