Servicing Your Canon Printer

13 March 2018
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13 March 2018, Comments Comments Off on Servicing Your Canon Printer

I have often been asked about servicing on large format water based printers, and my answer has always been the same, the better you look after it the better it will look after you. Take the Canon range of devices for example they are pretty robust and do a lot of maintenance themselves, like agitating the ink tanks stirring the reservoirs etc. However one thing has become apparent that we have actually been servicing our demo & profiling units once or even twice a year.

Towards the end of December when we eventally go quiet in those few days between the last Friday and Christmas eve we strip down all our kit from saws to underpinners and printers, we have a routine and bits that we do that have been come second nature, you may laugh but we hoover, dust, wipe, clean, change, top up and makesure that all the firmware and drivers are all upto date, a bit of good housekeeping if you like. You may also call it a service! This may well be why our machines have an impressive up time and rarly seem to go wrong, but it works and we have been running an annual program for some time on our own machines and lots of our customers subscribe to our service plan now. They have seen the benfits from an annual service to keep their machines in tip top condition. For more information about services or call outs if your printer needs a little bit of love or if it has gone wrong, tap up the technical team by calling the main number or emailing,

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