Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4600

Where Your Vision Achieves Timeless Precision.

Enhance your fine art and photography with unparalleled image quality, precise color reproduction, and enriched blacks. The prints from the Canon PRO 4600 don’t just dazzle; they stand the test of time. Experience unmatched reliability and efficiency while creating prints of exceptional quality.

Achieve print perfection with outstanding color gradation, perfect for striking photography and fine art pieces. The cutting-edge 12-color LUCIA PRO II ink set1, paired with Chroma Optimiser, enhances dark density and delivers deeper blacks with precision.

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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4600.

Unlock the potential of your creativity with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4600. This sustainable, 44” cutting-edge 12-color printer is designed for photographers, artists, and print service providers who demand unbeatable image quality and print longevity.

  • 200 years Improved light fastness
  • Robustness Resistance against abrasion
  • 2nd roll (optional) Dual roll configuration
Where Your Vision Becomes Timeless Precision

Elevate your fine art and photography with unbeatable image quality, precise color reproduction, and enhanced blacks. Our prints stand the test of time, reflecting enduring excellence. Experience unparalleled reliability and efficiency while producing prints of exceptional quality.

Premium image quality

Achieve print perfection with exceptional color gradation for striking photography and fine art pieces. The cutting-edge 12-color LUCIA PRO II ink set1, enhanced with Chroma Optimizer, enhances dark density and produces deeper blacks with precision.

Increased durability

Future-proof your art with the imagePROGRAF PRO-4600. Improve image robustness with high scratch-resistant ink and preserve your work with improved light fastness using high light-resistant pigment ink for 200 years2. Revel in unrivaled durability and set the benchmark for print longevity.

Seamless workflows

Transform printing workflows with easier media handling and simplified settings. Enhance efficiency with dual rolls, auto media loading, practical interior LED light, and roll media size indicator. With new print head monitoring function and auto alignment adjustment, masterpieces are created without image deterioration.

Improved sustainability

Protect the environment by using less power during operation and power-off. The imagePROGRAF PRO-4600 is EPEAT Gold rated3, and its packaging reduces 89.5% of polystyrene usage.

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