Clustarack, Available with either 2” or 3” diameter prongs, or a combination of both, covering all materials supplied in the large format print and finishing market place.

Clustarack is available in four sizes – whether you are running one machine or you have multiple machines, we have racks to suit. Flat base with fitted prongs – Clustarack is designed to organise your media, prevent toppling and protect your rolls.

What does a clustarack™ do for you?

Space saving design
  • no more media rolls leant precariously against walls
  • no need to store rolls horizontally, eliminating flat spots
  • flat based design, giving 100% protection to your rolls of media
  • all media types and roll lengths in one convenient place
  • holds bare cores for use with take up reels
  • protects full and part rolls from damage preventing media waste
  • prevents printhead snags and machine downtime
  • designed to prevent media falling over if knocked

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