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Boasting world-class performance in the smallest form factor.

Leveraging groundbreaking space-saving technology, The OKI C650 is a top-tier A4 Colour printer that stands as OKI’s most compact Colour LED printer to date.

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Introducing the OKI C650 A4 Printer, a compact colour printer that maintains cost-effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency.

In environments where space is limited, opting for a compact printer typically meant compromising on quality, productivity, or operational expenses. But those days are over. OKI’s C650 defies the norm by offering the performance, media handling capabilities, and cost-efficiency of a workgroup device within the footprint of an A4 colour desktop printer.

Effortlessly handle a range of printing tasks, from marketing materials to customer invoices, with swift, high-quality LED colour printing. The C650’s front-access design ensures it fits seamlessly in compact spaces without requiring access to any side throughout its lifespan, thanks to its durability. Tailored for intensive usage, its running costs make high-volume, high-quality colour printing both affordable and efficient A4 printing.

Who can benefit from the C650?

The C650 is ideal for environments where space is limited and top-notch performance is a must. Whether you require a resilient device that can endure the demands of a warehouse setting or fit neatly into confined spaces like a kiosk or production line, it’s equally proficient in the back office. It caters to demanding users who need high print volumes and exceptional print quality, offering the adaptability to meet your specific business needs.

Why choose the C650?

  • Remarkably compact
    Engineered to function in the most confined spaces, the C650’s small footprint requires minimal operating space. With full front accessibility and only 2cm needed on the sides for operation and maintenance, the C650 can be situated nearly anywhere.
  • Outstanding print speed
    Despite its compact size and minimal maintenance space requirement, the C650 surpasses expectations in both print speed and media handling. It can print up to 35 pages per minute, effortlessly handling media up to 256gsm or up to 1.32m long.
  • Reliability
    Thanks to its innovative design, utilising more metal instead of plastic, the C650 is the sturdiest device in its class. Crafted for a long, resilient life, it efficiently performs its tasks.
  • Exceptional print quality
    Generate captivating colour documents and marketing materials using LED technology, achieving stunning print quality quickly and effortlessly without any compromises.
  • Unmatched Return on Investment (ROI)
    The C650 is engineered for continuous printing. Its extended life and high duty cycle are supported by separate toners and drums, ensuring optimal usage of all consumables—perfect for high-volume, high-coverage colour printing. All consumables are easily replaceable by users with no hidden surprises. The C650 simply focuses on its job, allowing you to focus on yours.

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