Canon enhances imagePROGRAF range

12 September 2012, Comments Comments Off on Canon enhances imagePROGRAF range

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 17th September 2012, Canon, a world leader in imaging solutions, has today announced the launch of five new large format printers for the graphic arts markets. The new 24” to 60”, 8-colour and 12-colour devices have been equipped with a host of new features to deliver superior image quality, productivity and usability.

  • Five new models – the imagePROGRAF iPF6400, iPF6450, iPF8400, iPF9400 and iPF9400S
  • Optional new spectrophotometer for imagePROGRAF iPF6450 to deliver optimum image quality and colour management
  • Models aimed at graphic arts markets – including photographic, fine arts, proofing, signage and production
  • With launch of new models, Canon becomes first company to use one ink system across entire range for consistency

All the new models use LUCIA EX inks, making Canon the only company to use a singular ink set across an entire large format range, and ‘hot swap’ technology. The ink set provides a wider colour gamut, more expressive blacks, better scratch resistance and a more stable colour for optimum image quality to ensure absolute consistency between devices. The ‘hot swap’ technology gives the ability to replace ink whilst printing, providing uninterrupted production and reduced down time.

The 12-colour, 24” imagePROGRAF iPF6400 and iPF6450 are replacing the iPF6300 and iPF6350 models. The new optional spectrophotometer with the imagePROGRAF iPF6450 enables precise, highly stable and consistent colour that has a switchable UV filter to give users much greater flexibility with their range of media.

Calibration Link allows the spectrophotometer to provide a unified solution to all the 12-colour large format printers launched by Canon in 2012. Needing only to be installed on the iPF6450 at one location, users can centrally control the colour management of multiple imagePROGRAF units installed in other sites, optimising output and ensuring uniformity of colour.

The imagePROGRAF range is further enhanced by the 44” imagePROGRAF iPF8400, a 12-colour printer, which replaces the iPF8300 that comes with an increased internal HDD of 250GB and a faster throughput. Also launching are the 60” imagePROGRAF iPF9400 and the imagePF9400S models, 12-colour and 8-colour respectively. Overall image quality is improved by using LUCIA-EX inks which provide approximately 20% wider colour gamut and the fast printing speed will appeal to the photographic, fine arts and in-house signage markets.

The iPF9400S’s improved internal technology means less passes are needed when printing for fast production (approximately 1.5 times faster than the previous iPF9000S). The iPF9400S comes with bright colour reproduction and an updated print head ink sequence, to enable the printer to increase speed while printing – making it ideal for poster production.

Canon has also developed the Photoshop Plug-In to include a layout function with automated size adjustment, ideal for gallery wraps. In addition, the accounting, media configuration and calibration software, which is bundled with the new models, has been upgraded to give users the flexibility and usability to create, monitor and deliver all of their printing jobs to exact specifications.

A selection of these new printers will be exhibited on the Canon stand (Hall 3.2) at photokina 2012 (18-23 September 2012).

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