RGBuk becomes OKI Graphic Arts Partner

27 March 2017, Comments Comments Off on RGBuk becomes OKI Graphic Arts Partner

The new partnership between the two companies will expand the already successful uptake of OKI’s large format range of printers in the UK. OKI Wide Format Division has already established a successful reputation in Europe and is looking to expand its UK market share by creating the new partnership with RGBuk.

RGBuk will be offering customers the opportunity to see the latest model in the range, the new 64” ColorPainter E-64s large format printer at its newly opened demonstration studio near Reading, Berkshire. This creates an opportunity for new and existing customers to come and trial the machine and see for themselves the super quality output and speed made famous by the ColorPainter brand.

Chris Hope, Marketing Director at RGBuk said, “The new partnership between RGBuk and OKI will allow us to promote the unique and innovative product range for the large format printing industry to its full potential. After searching the market for a manufacturer that met our standards for performance and quality, we considered OKI the best fit for the company in expanding our large format solutions. We are looking forward to building on the great reputation and success of the ColorPainter brand in Europe.

Bhupinder Bharat, Graphic Arts Business Development Manager for OKI Systems (UK)

said, “We are excited to have RGBuk as a partner, RGBuk has been providing the large format and fine art sector in the UK for over 11 years. The partnership is a perfect fit for the OKI Europe Ltd Wide Format Division with RGBuk providing a wealth of expertise, experience and innovation. With the recent launch of the ColorPainter E-64s, it is the perfect timing for the partnership with RGBuk.”

The new OKI ColorPainter E-64s, now part of the renowned ColorPainter family of professional printers is a cutting-edge device, setting new standards in high-quality, large-format printing for signage, graphics and interior decoration businesses.

The competitively priced, 64-inch, wide format ColorPainter E-64s is equipped with ColorPainter technology that has already proved highly effective in the M-64s and the H3-104s, providing premium performance, high levels of precision and amazing ease-of-use while fully supporting entry-level, environmentally-friendly printing.

“The ColorPainter E-64s is a remarkable printer offering print businesses affordable entry to very profitable, high-precision, wide-format printing on a large spectrum of media which may have previously been unattainable” said Frank Jänschke, General Manager Marketing, Wide Format Printers, OKI Europe Ltd. “As an advanced and extremely versatile printer, packed with functionality, it successfully meets all the requirements in a field where commercial opportunities are expanding but must be seized quickly and effectively to maximise revenue.”

It includes proven technologies from higher-end models designed to ensure optimum results, including automatic printer adjustments using optical colour sensors, Smart Pass 4, Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 and Dynamic Dot Printing, as well as H3-series features such as the Safe Scanning System.

For printing indoors, where electro-static materials are often used, an optional ionizer supports outstanding print output. Added to this, the ColorPainter E-64s’ user-friendly construction and functionality ensure that managing and handling the printer from preparation to the operation, right through to maintenance, are remarkably convenient and easy.

The ColorPainter E-64s retails at €12,990; this price includes take-up unit, ONYX RIP Center and two-year warranty including print heads without nozzle shot or production restrictions. To find out more, please visit www.rgbuk.com or call 0118 934 4426.