Technical Bulletin - macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Important Announcement

29 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on Technical Bulletin – macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Important Announcement

Operating System Information

Canon understands that our customers may often choose to upgrade their existing operating systems and technologies which may have been supporting previously purchased Canon products.

Before doing so, Canon always recommends that our customers consider whether or not their Canon product will continue to function with the new intended upgraded operating system.

In general, at the point of the launch of each new operating system, Canon will have already determined exactly which products will be supported and this will be communicated via our support websites.

Canon takes those decisions in the knowledge that the production of drivers and software support comes at a direct financial cost. So, while Canon certainly respects our customer’s choice to decide to upgrade technologies, Canon cannot guarantee that older Canon products will continue to be supported by the new operating system.

Please note, Canon recommends that you check the compatibility status of your product before you upgrade your operating system.

Announcements- macOS 10.12 (Sierra) Important Announcement

We would like to make our customers aware that Canon Inc. Headquarters in Japan have announced a number of compatibility issues with the new Operating System macOS 10.12 (Sierra) which will affect a selection of our products and software packages (please see below for a full list of affected models).
If you own an affected product or software item listed below, then we strongly advise that you do not upgrade your operating system until confirmation of full functionality has been provided.

IPF PRO Series – PRO-2000, PRO-4000, PRO-4000S , PRO-6000S

Older IPF Series – iPF510 iPF760, iPF5100, iiPF6450, iPF605, iPF765, iPF6300, iPF8300, iPF610, iPF770, iPF850, iPF8300S, iPF650, iPF780, iPF5100, iPF8400, iPF655, iPF785, iPF6300S, iPF8400S, iPF670, iPF815, iPF6300S, iPF8400SE, iPF680, iPF825, iPF6350, iPF9400, iPF685, iPF830, iPF6400, iPF9400S, iPF750, iPF840, iPF6400S, iPF755, iPF850, iPF6400SE

If you have any questions please contact our technical team.