Raise3D E2

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Raise3D E2 is recognized as a benchmark and gold standard for industrial 3D printing applications and 24/7 reliability. The Raise3D has been named among the best 3D printers for 2021 by Jiga.

The Raise3d E2 is an easy-to-use, durable desktop 3D Printer that gives you low maintenance, high productivity precision prints every time.


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The Raise 3D E2 Printer is a professional high production 3D printer that delivers precision 3D printing with a host of amazing features for modelling and design professionals.

A two extruder head setup allows the printer to print two models at once using either mirror or duplicate so that you can effectively cut your batch production in half. Print using two extruders at the same time.

Mirror mode
Create 3D models and their inverse at the same time and thus increase productivity in sectors such as the shoe industry, construction and product prototyping.

This mode allows you to double your efficiency by printing the same part twice at the same time using two different extruders. (The print head that prints the object)

Automatic bed levelling
Automatic levelling ensures high-quality prints on a solid foundation, reduces the need for grafts and contributes to effortless post-processing. This means that the printer will always know exactly where the bed is so that the first layer of the print is perfect every time without having to set this (Z-Stop) manually.

Security mode
Opening a door is automatically detected, which stops printing immediately, ensures user safety and ensures that the prints are not accidentally damaged. This can be turned of if required.

Power saving button
Turn off the RaiseTouch and LED lights to save energy and still print continuously through the night.

Magnetic Flexplate
Easily remove prints from the flexible construction plate with the proven durability of over 5000 prints. This means no more scraping and damaging the bed plate.


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Max. printing width (X)


Max. printing height (Y)


Max. printing depth (Z)


Filaments Supported

PLA, ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonat (PC), TPU 87A, TPU 95A, TPE 83A, Polyamid (PA) / Nylon, PETG, ASA, PP, PVA, PETG Glas

Suitable for filament Ø



Raise3D E2 highlights
  • Mirror mode and duplication
  • Touch screen
  • HEPA filter with activated carbon
  • Flexible steel plate with Buildtak

Whats in the box?

What comes in the RAISE3D E2 Box?
  • Raise3D E2 IDEX Dual Extruder
  • 2x PLA filament
  • 4x Allen key
  • Tweezers
  • Gloves
  • Trowel
  • 2x filament tube
  • Nozzle cleaner
  • Filament holder
  • USB memory key
  • Fuses (10A, 20A)
  • 4x filament box, block
  • Caliper
  • 2x quick connector
  • 4x plastic rivets
  • Power cable;
  • User manual.

System Requirements

RAISE3D E2 Minimum requirements (Operating Systems)
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux