Canon PF-04 Print Head

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Engineered for speed and advanced image production, this printer boasts Canon’s print-head technology that lays down ink with exceptional speed and accuracy. The PF-04 print head incorporates a nozzle orifice shape to help minimize mist spray, producing clean lines and text. The high-precision, high-density print head, with a total of 15,360 nozzles, lays down 4 picoliter-size ink droplets that produce sharp detail and excellent image quality. The result is consistently accurate 2400 x 1200 dpi output with fine lines that are accurate to ±0.10% and as thin as 0.02mm.

The Canon PFI-04 Print head is compatible with the following Canon Printers,

Canon iPF650, iPF655, iPF670, iPF680, iPF685, iPF750, iPF755, iPF760, iPF765, iPF770, iPF780, iPF785, ipf830, iiPF840 & iPF850 Plotters

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All Canon PFI-04 print heads are supplied with a one year UK Canon Warranty. All print heads that RGBuk sell are direct from UK Canon distribution and not European imports. You can then be assured that if you have problems with your print head, it will be covered under a genuine UK Canon warranty.