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Servicing Your Canon Printer

13 March 2018,

I have often been asked about servicing on large format water based printers, and my answer has always been the same, the better you […]

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25 February 2018,

Inks and what you should know. I am often asked this eternal question about inks and saving money. Should I start using compatible inks […]

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Value or Volume

13 February 2018,

Value or Volume. (Part One, well I think it’s too bigger a question to debate in one post). It feels a bit like that […]

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My New Blog

7 February 2018,

My new blog, well it is Ben’s Blog after all. New, maybe not so much new as a new concerted effort to write something […]

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What to expect in the print industry for 2017

28 February 2017,

I often wondered what a high level of stress may have felt like, but now, after the events of 2016, I can certainly say […]

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How will Brexit affect the print industry?

14 November 2016,

As I woke on the morning of the 24th to the news we had voted out I was shell shocked. Some were elated, some […]

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